With untreated snow covered roads, and snowbanks a mile high on either side, it felt like I was making the trench run on the Death Star in my BRZ-wing fighter. I was on back roads between 10 and 11pm, and there was nobody else out there, so I shut off traction control and, as Captain Spock once told Sulu, "indulged myself." This included a couple of quick loops through empty parking lots on the way. I could really get it sideways like I wanted to but shouldn't on the streets, but also didn't stick around any one lot long enough for anybody with blinky lights to kick me out.

I wanted to stay out longer, but I was low on gas and the stations had closed. Good times though. I'm hoping Boston BMW CCA runs another IceCross on Newfound Lake, NH this weekend. If they do, I'm there!