In Canada, A/C is optional in the most barebones cars (Think Micra, Mirage, Spark, that sorta thing). Even if it gets up to 35 degrees (95 for ze Americans) in the summer in places like the Prairies. In fact, I grew up almost exclusively in cars without A/C.

Why do they do this? Well, because we’re cheap. We buy cheap cars. Hyundai was one of the best selling car makers here almost immediately after they came to Canada. We flocked to dealers to buy Ladas and Skodas. That’s also why we get the bare bones Civic DX, when in America the most basic Civic you can get is the LX.

I also partially think this is because a lot of automakers simply think we’re a frozen hellhole. Which, let’s be honest, is completely true for about two thirds of the year in most of the country.