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Apparently the Fisker Karma Karma Revero got a facelift last year. The moustache is no longer, which in my mind is definitely a good thing. Also gone is the GM-sourced range extender, replaced by the three cylinder powerplant from the BMW i8. I personally think the Karma has aged incredibly well, but good god if you spend $135,000 on one of these instead of a Tesla, or an E-Tron, or a Polestar, or an I-Pace, or a Taycan, or literally any other electric car, you’re a complete moron and you shouldn’t be trusted with money.

But man does it look good.

Illustration for article titled Fun fact.

They also updated the interior a bit, but it still looks mostly the same as it did in 2012, just with a new steering wheel and slightly fancier screens. Even in pictures it looks like it’s going to fall apart at any second. It’s really a damn shame Henrik Fisker and Tesla fell out, because Tesla’s technology and the Karma’s looks would’ve been a killer combination.

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