I recently got home from a work trip and found out last night that my next one (which was to begin today) had been delayed. I noticed while the cars were side-by-side in the driveway (unusual, since they usually sit as pictured) that the 4Runner is smaller than the P71... by quite a bit (except height, duh). This called for some brief Google action.

4Runner: 183"
Crown Vic: 212"

4Runner: 71"
Crown Vic: 78"

Curb Weight:
4Runner: 3,440 to 3,975 lbs (4x4 auto but cloth interior, so probably ~3800lb?)
Crown Vic: 3,942 to 3,964 lbs (Police spec, aka stripper model so 3,942lb)


This may explain why, other than being like sitting on the roof of my other cars, it doesn’t really feel that big or cumbersome to drive. In other 4Runner news, I’ve ordered a new rear bumper (the one on there is critically rusty), adjusted the throttle cable to remove the 1"+ of slop at the pedal, and contemplated ordering parts for the rear brakes. It still very much needs cleaned.

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