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Fun Facts

So as you may know I am going to sell my GTO and buy a 1940 Packard One Ten Touring Sedan Jr. (I believe the Jr. refers to it being smaller than the one twenty, I know it is weird).

This one in fact

The actual car

Well I thought you may all be interested in more info on it.

It is powered by a 4.0L (245 ci) flathead inline six good for 100 hp @3,600 and 200 lb-ft @ 2,000. A compression ratio of 6.3:1 (wheeze wheeze) (though it had an optional 7.0:1) and a 1-bbl Chandler-Groves downdraft (nasty leaker, I sear look it up). It is a 3 on the tree with second and third having synchromesh. It has a 6 volt system and 4 wheel drums and a turning circle of 19.17 ft (5.85 m). Iron block and aluminum head.

Engine pic via Google

At least that is all the stock info and as far as I was told she is 100% stock.

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