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Fun Facts: Love Boat edition

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That’s the optional Tripminder, a 1988 infotainment screen. More info than tainment. TIME, obviously, tells the time and date. Push the button again for seconds. TRIP gives you elapsed time and elapsed miles. ECON toggles between instant and average MPG, and FUEL tells you how many gallons used since you reset it.


275 lb-ft of torque, at 2000 rpm. It doesn’t build with rpm, it falls off gradually til you hit 4000 and after that there’s nothing. It just won’t rev any higher. The throttle body is only 52mm. It’s a really odd calibration, but it works if you drive the car as intended. Check it out here:

22 cubic feet of trunk space. That’s 7 dead hookers.

There are two spare-tire tie-down loops, one for the compact spare and one for a full-size, which wasn’t an option on civilian Vics. The compact spare has a cast aluminum wheel, 16x4.


The “computing” for the automatic climate control is done with modulated vacuum. Including fan speed when in AUTO. Other vacuum systems: cruise control and the air pump and EGR.

All the facelifted parts (1988) use new-style 2156/7 bulbs, but the lamps that go back to 1979 still use 1156/7


Random baggies of sound deadening fluff packed into the body panels. I wrote NOT DOPE on them and put ‘em back.

Up to 2011 when they quit making ‘em, Crown Vics provided floorpans for NASCAR stock cars, so there was at least one “stock” part in there.


Weighs 60 pounds less than a V6 Challenger.

The dash is so low you can see the whole hood, not just the trailing edge. And you can rest your arm on the window sill.


Mushroom instrumentation. You get a speedo and a fuel gauge, and a few idiot lights. No Check Engine light, even though it’s shown in the sales literature. Maybe later ‘88s had one.

This thing is awesome.

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