So, I went for a bike ride with my buddy, and we went a ways west along the Ottawa River. When we decided to turn back, we stopped, glanced down the river, and noticed there weren’t any bridges for a while. I decided to take a look at what bridges cross the Ottawa River in the Ottawa area. Guess how far the next bridge is from downtown?

25 kilometres? Nope.

50 kilometres? Nope.

The shortest drive (on the Quebec side) is 92 kilometres west of Ottawa.

Oh sure, there’s a ferry halfway, but who wants to pay for a ferry?

Now, this raises the question of how far east you have to go from downtown until you hit the next bridge.


Once again, about 95 kilometres. So, in about a two hundred kilometre span of the Ottawa River, there are only seven bridges, with five of them within five and a half kilometres of each other. Kind of interesting when you think about it, because that means that all of our heavy traffic heading into Quebec has to go through downtown Ottawa, since there’s no direct highway. That means that, on a daily basis, you’ll see trucks loaded with logs just driving through part of the city when it’s no big deal. Honestly, after the LRT is finished, maybe having a direct highway going from the 417 to 148, 5, or 50 on the Quebec side wouldn’t be such a bad idea.