Around this time I was starting to think about the final look for the build. To give myself some perspective, I threw a little happy hour at work and had people go wild with suggestions on post-it notes, in true SF Bay Area fashion.

I included a patchwork palette of candidate colors as my greatest difficulty was deciding what color to paint or wrap the car. In hindsight, I’m happy that I didn’t heed any of my friends’ advice on color...

But one suggestion in particular stuck.


Though an actual hot tub would not be structurally feasible, the idea of “party in the back” resonated. So I thought, why not some kind of in-bed entertainment system? Eventually I came up with this:

The older kiddos watching Tron. Sound from the Kenwood door speakers, video feed from the Pioneer DVD head unit to a VESA mounted monitor in the cab, wired up to accept external power from an AC outlet or battery pack. Still working on the user friendliness of the setup, so I’ll revisit this later.


It was also time to fix my weird “always braking” stance that the car came with. I suspect the previous owner put Accord lowering springs on the car, making the rates too soft all round and the front much lower than the rear.

After installing Vogtland lowering springs and changing the rear tires to match the front, the stance was just about even. Parked here next to my neighbor’s Taurus, it almost looks like a coupe again.


Having crossed into 2018 at this point (with 270 hours of work invested) I was behind my self-imposed schedule and over my time budget. Time to buckle down and finish off the bed.