Somewhat surprisingly, a possibility of snow, turned to 1-3", turned to rain only, and now back to 3-5" of SNOW! Well, I did as any responsible Porsche owner does. I waited until there was at least a coating of an inch and went for a drive to test my snow tires!

Quick side note: I picked up a SnoBrum a few weeks ago after wanting one for a few years and not pulling the trigger. Today was the first test, and it... was... great! I don’t know about other types of snow, but with this powder it all came off so quickly and smoothly. Anyway, I wiped it all off and got underway before it got covered again.

I left my apartment complex and drove down the nice long straight towards the main road. No problems at all, tail got happy very slightly when I gave it some power in 2nd just to see (at maybe 15-20mph). I took the main road for a bit, saw an ambulance already, and turned down another main(ish) road towards a lot I wanted to maybe do a donut in. Turns out, the cops saw my plan way before me and one was sitting in the lot. So of course, I slowly drove by right in front of his lights. Then I turned around in parking lot and drove home, right past the cop again, right through his lights haha I bet he knew.


I got home, took some pics, and went in to warm up. Overall, I’m VERY happy. In fact, I was grinning ear-to-ear the entire drive and just kept cracking up. What must people have been thinking seeing me? What did the cop think?


The tires worked pretty flawlessly, with basically no difference compared to the Blizzaks I had on my previous 2 mustangs. Good traction, easy to start, easy to turn, and just drive safe. I’m sure I can have some fun in a safe way later.

Not such a fan of the winter/snow, but I’m definitely not worried. The worst thing that happened was a big stupid truck passed me 20mph faster than I was going and had a bit of a shimmy going on. More worried about other drivers.