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Fun Mountain Driving

I modified a free GT-R sticker for fun to make it more appropriate. I’m not sure how long I’ll leave that on.

Some may say that there are better roads, but the Tail of the Dragon is a hell of a lot of fun. “318 curves in 11 miles” is good stuff, although it makes a huge difference what time of day it is driven.

There were plenty of photo opportunities.

Fortunately, I was staying right at the road, and I am an early riser, so could get in runs first thing, with cool weather and little to no traffic. I also could run it just before sundown, again with pretty clear path.

People were running it in the middle of the night, but I didn’t try that. I heard a good story about it from Wrong_Wheel_Drive_NOT and his friend. I also got to hear motors going high rev as vehicles got started up the hill by my room throughout Friday night (but not Saturday night, curiously). Music to sleep by. Loved it.

There was a good crowd around because of the Miata gathering, Miatas at the Gap XX. They tolerated this stranger in their midst rather kindly, which was good because the organizer of my little group used to own Miatas, still had connections with participants and loved being around the cars, so we had a lot of interaction.

A Miata of each generation . . . I’m surrounded.

My wife always thinks the GTI is small, but among the Miatas, it looked like an SUV.

A very nice NA for scale.

The motorcycle riders I was with managed to coordinate runs with me, although I was generally was faster than them. But they were being careful and were not on sportbikes . . . the sportbikes were much, much, much faster than me, as you would expect.

Convenient motorcycle parking for my fellow travelers.

Even during the crowded times it was fun to hang out and watch, either in a particularly interesting series of corners, or from the bench in front of our room, where I could see every interesting two-, three- or four-wheeled vehicle launch up the hill at the start. Yes, there were Slingshots out there, tearing it up.

Photo taken just as a rain shower started and a half dozen Slingshots disappeared. This guy had a 2..4L Ecotech engine that he claimed was producing 400HP.

Pretty much any car or motorcycle (or whatever) that would enjoy twisties was represented this weekend. And many that were not well-suited for it.

Even a ‘70s-era Rolls Royce.

So, good times, and no one in my group got hurt or had to contribute to the tree of shame. The weather was good with only a couple of passing rain showers, and my car held up. It was great to be surrounded by the energy of a lot of people who came to push a vehicle through a road that emphasized handling abilities. I would go back.


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