Got a hell of a lot done tonight, the biggest of which (and the last) was getting the Miata drivable again. Turns out my “lights won’t go up all the time” and “everything’s shorted out” problems were related. The LED retrofits I have mean the H4 doesn’t plug directly into the light any more, it plugs into a pigtail. That pigtail got sandwiched in the pop-up mechanism and got destroyed and shorted out. A trip to Autozone for a new fuse and a new H4 female pigtail which I then crimped on and re-loomed and all is well on that front.

That’s supposed to look less crushed and melty. I’m just glad my LEDs are ok.

I also got my Grant wheel and my Dragonball shift knob installed. The knob is supremely comfortable, since I can rest my hand on top of it and shift unlike the oblong stock shifter which demands more of a sideways gun-style grip. The wheel is TINY. Like, SUPER TINY in diameter. It’s actually really hard to completely see my gauges with it, but dear god it’s fun to have a tiny wheel on a tiny, agile car like this with power steering. Wheeeee~~~~


I spilled some coffee in the Mustang this morning, if you remember my “woe is me” bitching post from earlier. I stole some foaming cleaner the detailers use at work and put some elbow grease into it.


Much better.

As for the Riviera, I got it all put back together and running but my thermostat appears to have chosen this moment to get stuck shut. Everything else works fine and the car doesn’t seem to be overheating but there is nary more than a trickle going through my upper radiator hose, and after turning off the car I hear all sorts of unpleasent noises coming from the radiator cap area. Tomorrow evening I’ll just take the thermostat out and see if that resolves any of this bullshit, and go get a new one.

Oh, hell. Now I have to pick up my tools.