I know a few people here have or have had a Fiesta ST. Also, a few people have or have had an Abarth 500.

Both are small. Both are a bit impractical because of the size, but being hatchbacks, they can be fairly usable when needed, and are super easy to park. Both don’t have a lot of HP, but the small size and low weight make it work pretty well. I drove the Abarth 500 convertible and it was a blast. I never had a chance to drive a Fiesta ST.


Which one is a better car and why?

Abarth is surprisingly reliable - don’t buy a 2012, and check oil levels. If you leave engine stock, you can get many trouble free miles. Aftermarket is robust if you’re into that. Charm is undeniable. Fiesta owners, what are your experiences?

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I guess Abarth wins on longevity as well - it’s still available, and ST is dead in USA. Fiesta is more practical with 4 doors, so that’s a point for Ford.


Sound - Abarth, hands down.

Speed - more or less the same.

Price - more or less the same. I know both sold for like $16-17k when new after all the discounts. Slightly used models sell for $12-16k.


Infotainment - Abarth sucks for 2012-2014. 2015 and after is a bit better. Fiesta should be better with Sync, right?

Body - Abarth can be had as a convertible, so that’s a plus, right?

So, which one would you pick, and why?

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