I was chatting with a renowned reconstructive surgeon today while setting up for a media interview. We were talking about cars and he had mentioned an interesting story I want to share.

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His colleague is into cars [as speculation] and wanted to get in on the inevitable spike in prices around the Aston Martin Valhalla only all the allocations were spoken for. He had heard that Andy Palmer is very approachable, so he writes an email to andypalmer@astonmartin.com (on a guess) or something to those lines (I don’t know what aston’s domain is) and lo and behold he answers back. He says that all the allocations are spoken for but there are a few reserved for family and friends and that Mr. Palmer has no need for his and would he like it? Long story short, this person is getting Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin’s, Personal Allocation for the Valhalla. Its second hand but I have no reason not to trust this person.

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