I’m going to New York on Thursday. Yesterday was my day off, so I was going to go get my recall service done and change my oil. The dealership was closed, so no recall... and I was going to just get a lube shop to do the oil because I can’t dispose of oil (or easily store it) at my apartment complex and I don’t have a pan anyway. The shop was closed, too. Then, yesterday, my dashcam decided it would be fun to corrupt all the files on the memory card for the second time, but this time it actually destroyed the card permanently.

So now I have to do all this stuff on my next day off, Wednesday, when I’d rather be doing literally anything else. First world problems for sure, but still annoying.

On the plus side, I got new tires installed last Thursday and they're not bad at all. Kumho Solus, if I recall correctly.

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