since my used car search has been going horribly I decided to check out some lease deals.

Fiat of Manhattan has a special for "$0 down, $99 a month" on Fiat 500 Sports. Now I know enough about the dealership experience that a deal like that usually is a come-on, but I decided to give it a go anyway. Besides, I've wanted to test drive one of these for ages.…

so the fine print is as such: Automatic Transmission. MSRP $19,850. 24 month lease - lease for $99/mo for 24 months with $1,999 down plus taxes, fees, tags. Residual $13,299. 36 month lease - $99/mo for 36 months with $0 down plus taxes, fees, and tags. Residual $11,711. Both lease options are 10k miles/year. Both deals include $500 Bonus Cash, $500 Chrysler Capital Cash, and $1,000 Conquest Cash. Includes Military Bonus Cash.

So I figure, the lease conquest cash is out, as is the military bonus cash, so $1500 then.


But this is where things get fun!

The automatic transmission is a "misprint" and wanting to put $1000 down (rather than $1500) and equip an automatic means $214 a month, plus tax.


How the fuck does that math work vs $99 a month? Fiat's own website puts the price of an automatic at $22 a month on a 3 year lease. It leads me to doubt that the $99/month, $1999 due at signing program on Fiat USA's website doesn't exist in real life.

Argh. Its a real shame too, I actually liked the test drive. But if the actual price is $215 a month, I'd rather get a Honda Fit.