So this week has

Monday evening the missus picked up a nail in the Tacoma. Came out Tuesday to a dead flat tire on the truck. No worries, I’ll take the Saab that is for sale. Come home swap on the spare Tuesday night. It’s cold and my air compressor won’t work, so no impact. Battery impact isn’t strong enough. Fine, whatever but the air compressor quit working. Wouldn’t turn on, damn.

Drop the tire off for a repair, can’t be repaired. The puncture is on the shoulder. Damn. Well new set? 40K on three tires and 20K on the other, another nail that couldn’t be fixed.....

In the midst of all this, the Taco has been sitting at home, the new wagon and Saab pulling DD duties. Why risk a flat with no spare when there are other options, right?

Yesterday, while in the Saab, I get rear-ended. It’s not bad. It’ll definitely need a new bumper cover and the crush structure(foam) underneath. I only have liability so I’ll have to go through their insurance. The Saab is worth about 2K on a good day. Is it even worth getting fixed? I’m thinking about taking the money and offsetting the price just to move the Saab. Do I even want to deal with the hassle of getting it fixed, getting quotes, and dealing with their insurance? Seems like a huge pain.


Also ordered a set of Destination LE’s from tire rack. The missus said we should keep two of the good tires in case we have an irreparable flat again - seems likely. Can’t argue with that logic, but two seems excessive. Having three mild off-road tires and one highway biased tire worn by 40K miles doesn’t seem smart. So I’m keeping the one with only 20K miles on it and getting another highway biased set. At least they’ll be close in performance if something happens

TL:DR Got rear-ended in a car I’m trying to sell, that may not be worth the effort of getting fixed. Bought a new set of tires after a flat. This week needs to be over.


For your time.