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Fun versus Budgeting

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So after my last post I gave the Miata a more serious look. It’s making sense now to me. Do I still hate that there’s a circle-jerk around it? Yes. Does the reasoning for having a Miata make sense? Yes. Do I want one now? YES!


I also picture going on a road trip in the summer to Napa with the top down and driving the Miata. I am aware of how the top down experience dries your entire body and the sun is basically inescapable so I better have a baseball cap and some sunblock on.

Now to the sad side of this equation is I’ve come to the age where I desire a house more than anything so the entire fun car thing is on hold until I can get a house. This will be a while. The other thing is now there’s pressure to get married and have kids since I’m getting older. I honestly want all those things but I don’t feel the need to do it now.


The research says that millenials (me) are postponing getting married and having kids and I agree with that. The thing that bothers me most is my GF is more old fashioned and so is her family. She sees her friends getting married and having kids and thinks that’s what’s next. That’s not what’s next for me. I want to be financially prepared and at a good spot in my career before that happens. I also would prefer to live the rest of my 20's without having to pick up after an ungrateful little shit that breaks and/or stains anything nice. I’d also like to experience the world and not spend every weekend with family.

I guess I’m just tired and frustrated my life is not where I want it.

S2000 that I also want for your time listening to me ramble on without purpose.
S2000 that I also want for your time listening to me ramble on without purpose.

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