After an entire summer of not having to pull Saturday duty at my job I’m stuck here on a Saturday, so what to do I know search the word Custom on Craigslist with a max price of $5000, here’s what Atlanta has to offer can anyone find stranger custom cars in their area?

This section we’ll call Because Custom Race Car!

1999 Ford Escort “Race Ready”

1998 Dodge Neon Race Car this one actually looks rather nice not sure about the $4600 asking price

e30 Race Car, $2000 ready for your engine and trans (I suggest you install a Mopar Slant 6)


Maybe racing isn’t your thing, Maybe you’re a Jeep Hoarder, this customized XJ needs a home.


OK so none of those are a true custom a true custom has Lambo Doors and Rims here you go

Unfortunately this is the only Custom Van on my Craigslist and it sucks