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GOT IT, ITS MINE!!!! Fun with Dealerships

EVENING UPDATE: they came within $250 of my final offer! I'm holding strong and told them my previous offer was the best I can do! They then agreed, I'm signing the papers tomorrow
Just went back to check out that local TL Type S. I had them elavuate my Civic and the lowballed me sooo bad. They offered me low auction price $6000! $6500 if I did the deal today! Lol
AVERAGE trade in on my car is $7500, and my car is way above average. So I low balled them back. They didn't counter, which I thought was interesting, but came in to tell me all the woes of dealership operations, like reconditioning cars and overhead blah blah blah.
So I gave then my low offer and then had to return to work. We'll see what they come back with!

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Have a white TL because it's White Wednesday

UPDATE: just got their counter, they're so close! We're only $850 away.

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