his guy was offering some type if business loan. I start out with:

Illustration for article titled Fun with phones sometimes I just can;t help but screw with telemarketers. all I hear is press 1 to screw with us. ok sounds like a planem/em

yea is there any restrictions on what I can spend the money on?

the guy hesitates and responds with uh no i don’t think so, what do you have in mind?


Me: Hookers and Blow.

Guy: ahh sounds like a fun time

Me yea, you wanna join? it could be one hell of a party!

guy: no you sound familiar, like maybe you were on dateline

Me: nope, but we could do the eiffel tower thing, you know what that is?

guy: eh no

Me: you should Google it, well maybe not while you are at work

guy: no thats ok

Me: well whats you thing?

guy: midgets with eye patches:

ME: well shit, i guess everyine has there thing

guy: you wern;t ready for that huh?

me: meh i’m not impressed, you hang around the internet enough and nothing will phase you any more

guy: you sound like you play a lot of fortnight and are afraid of girls.

Me, well never played fortnight and i’m married.... to a female in fact so you are wrong on those assumptions


guy, grumbles what have a nice day and hangs up

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