Inspired by duurtlang’s Importable Ebay finds, I have scoured Craigslist for the most random vintage stuff on Seattle Craigslist. Today we set the year bars for 1980-1985. So pop on some Hall and Oates and check out all the stuff that’s still in daily circulation.

Dual stick Colt!

Time warp Grand Marquis

The mythical I-Mark - in Diesel - and it’s a manual!


Undonked LeSabre

Two tone Ranger that just oozes 80s


B2000 longbed

Notchback Celica


Minty Parisienne

Timewarp T1000 (not the one from Terminator 2)


29K Cutlass Supreme

As if the heat wave wasn’t bad enough, you can turn things up a few degrees with our next contender.


Service records since 1982!


Definitely CP on price, but man, if you can find a better K-Car, buy it!