You likely remember that last week, national media of all forms shut up about the election for just long enough to bring you news of the murder of two police officers in the area of Des Moines, IA. I go to school in Des Moines, and on my way back to campus I stopped to watch the funeral procession of one of those officers, Sgt. Tony Beminio, leave the church. The show of support was incredible, both from the general community (the entire route was lined with well-wishers) and the law enforcement community (more than 1,500 officers attended the funeral).

As this is a car site, I figured you would be interested to see the procession. I know it’s “missing the point”, but holy cow that was more police vehicles than I’ve ever seen before or hope to ever see again in one place. The variety of enforcement vehicles was very interesting. Watch for undercover models like a Chrysler 300 with a gumball light, an old Trailblazer, and a GMC Terrain, among other less conventional vehicles.