Funk Finds: not Pokémon edition

Believe it or not I still take pictures and not just play PokeGo

Near perfect condition with perfect plate
My guess is she got it in a break up/divorce and wants to rub it in
Nothing says off road like a big lift and small sidewalk street tires on paper thin wheels
I look cool with my military trailer that’s way too tall for my truck
Sign me up. Do we get to choose what kids we kick?
Can’t see out or in. Blacked out tail lights are always a smart choice
Tiny wheels

Jetta is just awful. Runs in the paint? I guess it’s paint. The rear fenders were “rolled” out so they had sharp thin metal just above the tires that were of course stretched looking like they’ll pop at any moment. Props for not blacking out the tail lights and so dark tint they look black. Also, props for not tinting the windshield which seems popular these days. Otherwise: burn it.


PS: f**k kinja mobile. Can only do captions for multiple photos

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