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Funny 2 yr old story

Being a parent has some weird quirks. One is that you get to see a miniature version of you grow up. Another is that you get some humorous stories to share. This one is short, but it’s sometimes the norm with my 2 year old daughter.

MrsZtp and I were watching a movie last night, and she got a plate of snacks for the little one, namely to keep her occupied. I spotted some Apple slices, and I stoled one slice for myself, just one. Harmless really. Junior eventually noticed that I had ‘something’ in my hand, so the jig was soon up. Naturally, she decides to start feeding me the rest of her Apple slices. I figured she didn’t want them or something, since she only discovered that I had a apple slice by trying to offer me a carrot stick (fun fact: this morning I just re-discovered the carrot stick). I was apparently wrong.


A bit later I hear a panicked two year old, exclaiming “where’s my apples?! Where’s my apples?!” MrsZtp replied “it’s all gone.” “Where’s my apples?!” I replied “you gave them to me.” “Where’s my apples?!” “You GAVE them to me.” After a few more exchanges she calmed down, but still, it’s one of those “child of mine...” type moments.

I’m betting oppo has some great kid/parenting stories too. Why don’t you share them? Sometimes it’s nice to have a good laugh about what the little ones do. :)

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