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Car I caught a glimpse of recently for your time.

So basically a year ago to this day I was fired from my first “real” job for BS reasons. Fast forward to now and I learn one of the folks responsible for hiring me, a plant manager or something, was a gay man in his late 50s with a taste for college-age boys. I was 22 at the time. All the men he hired were around the same age, and he apparently had a habit of soliciting them during factory hours. And apparently alot of other folks knew this was happening and did nothing. What finally kicked things off was when apparently at like 3 AM one of these younger guys was getting gas when Mr. Manger pulls up completely shitfaced drunk. Dunno the exact details but some shit must’ve gone down because he was escorted out of the plant the next day after some complaints to the folks up top. I asked my dad if part of the reason I got hired was because this guy wanted a piece of my sweet, boney, 6.5-outta-10 ass and he said no. I bet he’s got that question bouncing around in his head, though. Personally I just think this is all kinda hilarious.


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