Funny spec’ed cars I think I’d like - A3 1.8T with the sport package

Audi released the newer A3 with two options: the 2.0T Quattro and the 1.8t with front wheel drive. The Quattro model didn’t see a lot of people spec the sport package, but a fair amount. And why not? iIt became a GTI in sedan form with awd and 10 extra hp. If I had to guess based on my internet shopping, 5-8% added the sport package. And I can’t believe it wasn’t more people, it cost $800 and gave you different sway bars, springs, seats, flappy paddles, and drive modes.

The 1.8T was supposed to just fulfill the needs of selling a car to people who want a luxury badge. Although, for all the reasons you might want the sport package, you could get it in like a 300 pound lighter car on the front wheel drive model. Still, it’d make a lot of sense to get a GTI for the money if you were shopping new. So if you were so compelled to get a sport pack, you’d probably just get the GTI. The whole point of an A3 over a GTI is either AWD orrrrr you have just enough dollars to get the badge. The take rate on my internet shopping of a 1.8T and the sport package? I’d guess 1-2%.

Here is the closest 1.8T with the sport package to me, just a 5-6 hour drive away:


I’m not saying I’d actually buy the thing but I prefer the A3 sedan body to the GTI and with the sport package you get the GTI suspension, nice seats, and drive modes. You’re just down a handful of horsepower. Kind of a near car.

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