I was walking my dog near the ferry terminal today, he likes to look at the pond they have with turtles and koi, he’s scared of the koi. I was wearing my Kimi Ferrari shirt, actually older shirt from when he was champion with them, it’s an all blue Finnish flag shirt and only a small Ferrari emblem, I can’t wear all the bright red stuff. Anyhooo, I have a Dakar hat on and the Kimi shirt, I had to listen to four douchey frat boy types being obnoxious at the brewery, as we left past them one said, for sure that guy is European. Ha, I wanted to go back and say, I’m pretty sure you are too!

....My W123 is a decent car, but it doesn’t have the original paint, not so perfect an example that I wouldn’t play with it.... What if I built a little red pig with a w123?! Put the 4.2L M116 V8 or some other Mercedes 8 in it? I was interested to see the real red pig was automatic. In any case I thought it would be pretty nuts to do, I haven’t found any evidence it’s been done, a couple early 70's SELs have been made into replicas. My friend could make the flares easily. Get some AMG wheels, have to be wide though, not sure who makes replicas or something close. I could mount four bucket seats in it and just do a roll bar behind the front seats. Open up the fog lights to suck in air, put external lights in front of them like the original. I think the W123 cars have enough of the older lines to pull off an homage. I do want a classic rally car.