Now armed with two cell phones, yesterday at 5pm was the first time I have ever done the unthinkable: turning off my work phone when I’m not working.

I am bad at “me time” stuff, on a macro level. I often find myself working when I ought not to be working, and really not making the effort to clear my mind (maaan). I am social, and I am productive at home, but always a little on edge. A call or text at 7am on a Sunday will do that. “Oh shit, I gotta send whats-its to whose-its first thing Monday, but I have to be in Edmonds by 8am. Should I plan on getting up at 5 or can I maybe —” and so on.

I actually have two coworkers who leave their work cells at their office. That’s logistically improbable for me, because I work in the field the majority of the time, and sometimes from home during business hours. Plus the most of the important calls I get are often between 3 and 5. So If I duck out early, or am indisposed, customers shouldn’t be punished for not anticipating where I am or what I’m doing. If you call me before 5, you can guarantee I’ll pick up the phone or at least reply before the end of the day. Unfortunately that would spill over into evenings and weekdays. Mind you, no one is demanding I work on my time off, or even suggesting it. It’s always like, “Ah, just a quick email. No harm.” “Just a brief phone call, and it is important one so it’s worth just working a little now.”

Well, this weekend I say, “Fuck that shit, sir.”

It’s 1:30pm and I’m in my pajamas (sexyemoticon.png) working on my second cup of coffee. This will be an interesting experiment. I have none of my work accounts synced to my new phone, and no one has that number except for family and close friends. Basically, no one can reach me, nor can I be tempted to look at my phone that has nothing work-related on it.


Here’s to not working.