Illustration for article titled Further evidence to support posted comment that no one asked for: my friend is 17, has his private pilots license already, a decent paying part time job and owns 2 planes, but drives a 2012 Prius V

But at least he understands how much bigger of a flex it is that he can fly planes when people try to roast his car, he brings that up plus “ah but who’s saving money on gas and insurance?” and “stfu you don’t even have a car” (mostly to me whenever I talk shit about that video-game-joystick-looking excuse for a shifter in his car) and various other valid things to shut up the haters, as well as satirically glorifying it as the absolute fastest and sexiest god-chariot ever. Either way, he’s right and everyone who tries to say something is quickly shut up by his already huge accomplishments at such a young age.


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