We explored cars that sell, not just in single figures, but in single numbers last night. So let’s find a few more unicorns.

This time we’re off to Sweden. Why this somewhat obscure place? Because I can find the figures and have some vague hope of understanding the website, that’s why.

So here goes.

VW Scirocco


Opel Combo (car spec). Yes, it’s really a Fiat Doblo

Merc M


Jaaag XJ


Hyundai ix35 (which is probably the fuel cell model)


Bentley Mulsanne


In other news, the Swedes bought five Smart Fortwos. They also bought five Morgans, five GTRs and five Cadillac SRXs. Make of that what you will.

They also bought, or rather made, eight “amatörbygge” or homebuilds.

What they really, really like though is the Volvo V90 and S90 and by adding these together Volvo can say that they sell the best selling car in their home market.

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