As is accustomed in this region of the internet we are always planning for our next automotive venture. We gaze far into the future and wind up either with nothing or something not on our radar until the day we purchase it.

With that said I’ve started a new job as a diesel mechanic apprentice working on concrete trucks for a pretty large company called Vulcan.

The pay is great and training is six months. The class is a group of 4 and they hope to bring all of us on board. So if all goes as planned I’ll have a decent down payment to reward myself on that achievement.

Now here is my small dilemma.

I’m a single guy in his late 20s and I’ve yet to own a selfish car aka a coupe. There are a number of options out there but I’m trying to stay in the $15k and lower range. I’m starting to take a liking to the 350Z and have always loved the Accord Coupe. The FR-S is tossed in the mix along with the RX-8 to which I have undying longing for. And then I have to toss in a ringer that fits in with none of the prior choices at all....the HHR SS. Don’t know why but that car never gets off my radar. Definitely not a selfish car but man do I love it.


Open to many comments and suggestions as I begin collecting my pennies.

EDIT: Forgot to add Jaguar XJR into the mix.