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It’s the work week again, which means that I’m browsing craigslist and looking at cars I won’t buy. Living in a destination for the nearly-dead sometimes has advantages depending on what you’re into. For example, there are golf courses everywhere, every night is bingo night, and there’s a medical office on every corner to make those rush-hour timed lab draws super convenient. I am not into these things, but The Olds do tend to hold onto things forever and take very good care of their things since the great depression is still going on in their mind. Eventually they die, leaving behind bowls of Werthers Originals, needlepoint family portraits, and their immaculately maintained mediocrity-mobiles. The kids still live up north, so they want to try to sell their parent’s things quickly. Sometimes this means great deals for people. Sometimes it means that the 1993 Honda Accord with low miles that has only ever been driven to the grocery store and back has never seen its operating temperature and will make a used Land Rover seem reliable. This may be such a car, but with slightly more appeal to the land-yacht loving people out there. With a 7 liter V8 that puts out less power than a BRZ and gets worse gas mileage than a truck, you can tel the kids that there’s no replacement for displacement as you cruise around in comfort with the feeling that it may just tip over if you take a corner at speed. Any speed. Walking speed. This particular Cadillac seems to be in excellent cosmetic shape and has probably been taken to the dealer for every oil change. With low mileage and an old person in the car’s history, this could mean something to someone who hasn’t experienced the pitfalls of the car that was driven by an old lady yet. Is this a future classic with investment potential that makes a $4500 asking price a bit of a steal, or will the gas and repair bills and vacuum powered everything mean that it’s just a down payment on an extended period of misery for the next owner? What do you think, Oppo?

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