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We’ve already seen cars like the Honda/Acura NSX and air-cool Porsche 911s go up in price, but I was wondering what cars are in a dip now, but will be worth more in the near future. I’ve included a short list, but let me know if there’s anything you think is missing.

We know the 996 Turbo appreciation is the current trend, but the Porsche 997 and 987 are too cheap right now. In Canada, you can find a clean 911 for $40k and a clean Cayman for $28k. Those seem like pretty good deals. These are also the last base-Porsches with hydraulic steering, so that’s a thing.


Aside from Porsches, I see the BMW’s E82 128i and E92 M3s going up because of their naturally aspirated engines. The Bangle 1 Series is also aging well, in my opinion.

I’m also seeing NA Miatas go up in my area (albeit not by a lot). I don’t think it’s because of the new Spring season, either.


Volkswagen R32 Mk4

Volkswagen GTI Mk6

Audi TT Mk1

Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16

BMW M3 E46

Tesla Roadster

Honda S2000 (although that’s probably happened)

Lotus Elise

Fiat 124 Spider

Porsche 924S

Anything else?

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