If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Future is a place in which you are chauffeured in a Bizzarrini

It all started with this Moray Callum quote regarding self-driven cars

"Imagine the weight you put into cars to make them collision-proof, or for the consequence of a collision. If there's never going to be a collision you could take all of that away. That could be quite interesting."


So think for a moment the implications this has: Low-slung bodies, lightweight cars... A world in which, hypothetically, we could all be driving cars like this:

However, there is a catch here: The sole premise is that the car should be autonomous, so you could be at the wheel of this amazing car, but don't drive it. And since we are at this point, what would a gearhead do? Sure, one could always lean back and relax, but then, why in a car like this instead of a more comfortably packaged MPV-like design?

Or, go the other way around and hack into the system and drive it yourself. Which, in this dystopic future, probably would be illegal. And dangerous, since traffic would keep a strange pace since it is all controlled by a network.


So, what road would you take? A slow death due to anxiety of being chauffeured in a gorgeous car and not being able to drive it, or a faster, drive-it-like-I-hacked-it one?

-Image Credit to : sportscardigest.com | justchauffeur.co.uk | a777aa77.ru

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