Well I got lucky for once. I’m typically plagued with the worst luck of anyone on this planet. I caught a break though, and got a phone call I’d dreamed of getting.

Roughly a month ago I posted asking advice on a potential career move. Most of you were eager to say I should do it. I took the steps to apply and made my case on why I deserved the opportunity. A long month has went by, many forms have been signed and submitted and I finally got the call a few days ago.


This means I’ll be relocating to the Dayton/Cincinnati area and starting a new chapter in life. This also means I’ll have to commute 120 miles each way on weekends to get my daughter. The Mirage is the perfect car for this occasion it seems; or is it?

For now it’s going to have to be perfect. Here in some time though, I’ve considered an option and wanted to see if I’m certifiably insane, or I’m the evil genius that I tell myself I am.


Why Pay For Fuel?

The Shitsubishi doesn’t use much of it, but now I’m faced with a work commute for the first time in five years. I’m also faced with long distance commuting for my kiddo. The Mirage eats mileage like no other, but imagine eating the mileage while also being bathed in a cocoon of luxury.


I’ve imagined this automotive utopia and it seems to exist in the way of a CPO Tesla.

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This one for example has enhanced auto pilot, the powerful 85 model and roughly 300 miles of range. It’s loaded and is a tick over 50k with an extended 2 year warranty for 100k miles. The price definitely isn’t out of the league by any stretch compared to other cars in this class.

Brakes rarely need replacing thanks to the regenerative braking, and supercharging is free because it’s a CPO. Plus, it’s a fast car with some of the craziest tech out there. I could commute something like this to work and it would cost me approximately nothing.


Much of my family still lives in Tennessee and there are supercharger stations along the route. So I could hit Knoxville Tennessee from my new location, grab a bite to eat while the car “fills up” and be good to go. All while being cradled in luxury. Plus, I do enjoy the way these cars look inside and out.

Obviously the fuel savings wouldn’t come anywhere near offsetting the payment, but it would probably be a decent amount of it, and it would give me a second reliable car behind the trusty Mirage. It would be the perfect road trip car for my lifestyle.


This may happen eventually, and I’d like to know what you all think of this ridiculousness that I call an intelligible plan that I’ve justified to myself through a series of ignorant algorithms.

Aaaaand go. 

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