The best part about Scion leaving is that all the brand’s cars can now be optioned up to higher price points! That means more available features and options while retaining the fact that the base models still feel like “real cars.” Let’s have a look at Toyota North America in the year 2017.

Yaris Range

Yaris Hatchback starting at $14,895.

Yaris Sedan (like how its badged in Canada) starting at $15,700.

Corolla Range

The former Scion tC and iM are moved into the Corolla range. This allows their sales to count under the “Corolla” models and cement the popular compact as not only the best selling compact in America, but possibly become the best selling car in America!


Corolla Sedan starting at $17,300.


Corolla Coupe starting at $19,385. (Perhaps an available “tC” trim becoming the Civic “Si” competitor).

Toyota Matrix (Corolla Hatchback) starting at $18,460.

Large Sedan Range


Camry starting at $22,970

Avalon starting at $32,650.

I bet Lexus will stop offering the ES within the next two years by the way.

Sportscar Range


FR-S starting at $25,305. We won’t get GT86 since Toyota obviously wants to use three letter combos on “sports” models. Remember S-FR and C-HR? In fact, the FR-S will become the F-RS.

Whatever BMW are doing with Toyota. Lexus has the LC now but it isn’t a dedicated sportscar, nor will the BMW Z4 successor be. I doubt it will be called a Supra though. More like FT-RS or something.


Utility Range

This C-HR (though different name because too close to HR-V).


RAV-4 starting at $24,350

Highlander starting at $29,765


Sienna starting at $28,850

4Runner starting at $33,810.


The updated version of the Sequoia starting at $44,965. People are spending $50k for a new Sequoia?!

Land Cruiser starting at $83,825

Truck Range


Tacoma starting at $23,300

Tundra starting at $29,950

Prius Range plus Mirai


Prius starting at $24,200.

Prius C starting at $19,560.


Prius V starting at $26,675.

Mirai starting at $57,500. Should call it the Prius Mirai.

There you have it America, your future Toyota lineup. The only thing Toyota America is missing is a convertible. Expect a convertible like the Aqua Air Concept at the top of the post to come at some point towards the end of next year.


Go check out Scion’s site! All the prices are way up!!

*I think they may have gotten rid of the rental specs and are selling discounted, well-equipped models. I’m checking it out now.