Fuuu.... Need advice oppo: Updated

So we had the pistons and rings replaced on my wife’s Matrix from Toyota’s oil consumption recall. She drove the car back from the dealership Monday night and was only driven on a short trip once during the week. Last night we leave to go to a friends house and I notice the oil light start flickering as we leave our subdivision so I turn around go home and check the oil. There’s absolutely nothing in there. I add oil and run the engine but the oil light is actually on now. The car was driven like 30 miles with no oil but for some reason the oil light didn’t come on until last night. The dealership is sending a tow truck to pick up the car and will be checking it out. So oppo, how much damage should I expect from 30 miles of driving? What should I deem acceptable action from the dealership? And why the hell didn’t the oil light come on when there was no oil? And why is it on now that there is oil?

Edit: so the dealer came back and said there is plenty of oil, too much in fact. I asked why the dipstick was still showing nothing and apparently sometime after an engine rebuild the oil doesn’t stick the to dipstick so it looks like there’s nothing? I’ve never heard that before, but okay. The oil light was still coming on though so they were going to keep it until Monday and take a look at that.

LFA for your time


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