License rant below, have an E21 for your troubles.

So as I said yesterday, I was finally going to take the test to get my provincial drivers license today, allowing me to drive by myself. However before I left with my driving instructor I couldn't find my learners permeant and soon realized I lost it. My mom called the DMV and they said I could verify it by having my birth certificate and some other stuff.

Long story short I practice with my instructor (mom wanted me too), picked up some other student who was going to take the test after me, and finally go to the DMV. It is there were I learn I need my mom to be with me in order verify this (which they didn't tell us), and by the time she would get their my scheduled appointment would be done. So I rescheduled it at the nearest available slot, which was a week and a half away. Oh and the entire ordeal took away a good chunk of the last day of spring break. FUCK.

TL;DR edition: I spent most of my day not getting my license because of incompetence on me and the DMV.