Just looking at this picture makes all the cuts on my forearms tingle.

Yep that’s a headlight out on my Outback. Why do I say “fuck?” Because I love Subaru but....WHY THE FUCK DID YOU MAKE IT SUCH A COCK SUCKING SON OF A BITCH TO CHANGE A HEADLIGHT!?!?


Why is it so difficult to change the bulb, well let’s delve into the process a little bit.

Step one is you have to remove three clips holding the front of the inner fender. Then you have to push the inner fender out of your way so that you can reach your hand inside to get to the COVER that gives you access to the bulb!

See that grey circle?
Yup, the bulb is behind that.

Now that we have access to the cover, you must use damn near super human strength to turn it to pop that bitch off. I got pretty angry at this point and didn’t take anymore photos for a bit. Something they should mention is that bulb has to fit in the housing perfectly or else you can tip the bulb which makes your low beams useless. Ask me how I know.

This is the driver’s side. FUCK!

Once I got it all done, it was nice to have working headlights again. I also replaced the side marker bulbs on both sides because they were also burnt out and you can only access them from the inner fender. Also, Outbacks burn out headlights constantly if you leave your lights on AUTO. What the fuck?

You can’t see it to well but yeah, my arm is pretty scraped. Luckily not bleeding but that’s from years of scraping the hell out of them.
Just in case you were wondering what I was wearing, yes that is a Llamacorn. Best workout shirt.

 If you made it through that mess, thanks for reading my rant.

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