This is the basement of some vacation property. NOTE: it should not be water.

I had a “plumber” come up and fix a ball valve - I couldn’t physically do it with my surgery and the the plumbers from the nearest city had been blowing me off for weeks.


Found a local guy who could barely walk. I was super concerned with him working on it but he seemed to know what he was doing and was willing and available to do the job.

So I thought.

The ball main like is completely separated from the new valve he installed. Clearly no fault of the hardware but of the instal. Im pretty sure he’s not insured.


Thankfully my cousin was up there at the time next door and noticed water pouring out the front door.

Im going to get no end of crap from my brothers because I called this guy and had him do the work against my better judgement. Ling story is that he was far from my first choice and it was a mess all around but I had some confidence that he would at least do the job. NOPE!


There goes my relaxing Sunday.

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