FWD Friday: Junk Honda Edition

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Through an unfortunate and convoluted series of events, I recently ended up with my 94 Mustang GT as my only form of transportation. The Mustang was alright; the body, engine, and transmission were pretty solid and it was fairly fun to drive, but the frame was rusted to hell and back and the few performance mods (bigger cam, mainly) made it pretty annoying to drive in traffic. On top of that, a max of 18mpg on my 45 minute commute was killing my far-too-humble checkbook, so I traded it for something a little less likely to bankrupt me.


Enter my '95 Civic DX. Admittedly, I probably traded down a bit, but the car runs great, gets 35+mpg, and came with enough extra parts to build another car, so it doesn't bother me too much. Mechanically, the car is solid, with the typical aftermarket hellaJDM Civic mods, including a B18 swap, coilovers, full stainless exhaust system, short throw shifter, etc., but it seems to have been done pretty well and not cobbled together so I'm alright with it. The engine supposedly has around 80k on it. That's a big "supposedly," but it runs very clean, without leaking or burning any oil so I don't have reason to doubt it. Amusingly, it's the polar opposite of the Mustang: the body is beat to hell and back, in typical JDMyo fashion, and the quarters are rusty (they've since been temporarily patched to pass inspection; I plan to weld new quarters in as soon as I have some actual time available), but the car looks great underneath.

All in all, it's a decent little econobox that's pretty fun to throw around backroads. I may write a terribly exciting Oppolopnik review of it in the near future.

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