FWD Friday- Seat Repair

So my roommate has an 06 Altima that I drive on occasion. About two years ago the power drivers seat stopped reclining, and it stopped reclining in a rather upright (insert innuendo) position. This did not bother my roommate at all- he thought it was perfectly comfortable- I however couldn't stand it. In preparation for a road trip this weekend I decided that I must fix this if I was to not contort my back into a million pieces.

First let me say that I love car forums. Especially for my two vehicles (land cruiser and panther) there are great forums that tell you how to fix and modify EVERYTHING. Nissan Altima forums are USELESS. I found this example quite hilarious. If anyone knows a better forum please let me know.

I first tried to fix this the el cheapo way. At first I tried to figure out the wiring so I could just install a radio shack switch into the wiring harness. That plan was quickly abandoned when I took a close look and realized these were some fancy switches (quadruple pole gazillion throw - I kid but really they are pretty specialized since they have to reverse polarity of the motor).


I decided to try and swap one of the switches which controls the tilt of the seat bottom (useless adjustment) to the place on the circuit board where the broken switch was. TIME TO BUY A FANCY SOLDERING IRON.

Here you can see my shoddy soldering job. As you can guess by this picture not being taken in the car, this didn't work. So off to the dealership. $160 bucks later I had the part on order. Last night I installed the new switch board - it was easy enough, take the seat out - only held on with 4 bolts. Luckily the seat back and forth switch still worked. It would be a bitch to do if you couldn't move the seat fore and aft.


Then its just a matter of cutting the old switches out and routing the new plug through the seat under belly to plug it in. One think I did learn was that the sheet metal used to make up the seat frame is as sharp as a razor blade- ask my finger how it knows.


Overall an easy fix. I'd say it took me about 25 minutes in total.

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