Also, 3:08AM seems rather random.

Let me show you a “Molde S”:


This article, seemingly translated with a heavy handed dose of Google Translate, has a slew of errors that make it seem unnatural, and it quickly tires the reader. I’m a really bad editor, I’m not claiming a grammatical high ground, but for Gizmodo this is inaceptable.

Like literally translating the nickname for the Nurburgring into spanish. Something a Spanish language reader complained about:

He then went on some tangent about the nurburgring times not meaning anything, which Jalopnik made an article about... not sure if it got translated.

I’m not blaming George for it... He’s a professional journalist just like anyone at Jalopnik and knows how to write coherent, entertaining articles. But if G/O wants to realistically tap into the Spanish language market (which is dramatically undeserved in the car world) they might want to get a better translator, or at least give them more time to do their job.


They could also partner with Mexican or Spanish car sites that have great staff that already read Jalopnik on a daily basis and understand the way Spanish speaking car enthusiasts speak and want the information presented.

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