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G35 vs 335i Comparison

I’ve had an 03' G35 for several years now and as I’m about to graduate I decided to start looking at newer cars. I found a 2011 335i for sale and had the opportunity to drive it and really see what it’s like. Here’s a quick review.


I like it a lot, I found it was a prettier car in person and overall like the interior as well. This was a silver one with a tan interior.



While the interior didn’t have any high tech such as navigation it was extremely comfortable and quiet. The turbo V6 is so much quieter at highway speeds than my NA 3.5L.



Very tight, turning radius was sharp and the car went exactly where I wanted it to go, steering was much lighter than I was used to.



Once I got behind the wheel I was a bit surprised that this car does 0-60 in 4.8s. It doesn’t feel that fast. Maybe it’s because there isn’t a lot of noise, but I did give it some throttle on a backroad and was shocked at how fast it went from 25-45.



Pro’s: Exciting performance, very comfortable, great styling- price itself is very reasonable as this one was under $15k.


Con’s: Maintenance and repairs make me nervous, especially because it already had 70k miles.

Do you all have any experiences with these or other modern BMW’s?

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