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G37 Supercharged Daily Driver?

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So a buddy of mine is really looking at this 2011 Infiniti G37x for $25000 that's just come off lease. Despite my pleadings of him to look at an E46 M3 (has never even test driven one), he says he wants something more reliable.


Anyways, he wants to install a stillen supercharger kit the G37 to make between 400-500 horsepower. I like the idea but the car will be his daily driver, and he drives a lot. 18000 miles a year. I don't believe any supercharger kit would be reliable doing 18000 miles a year, so I've advised him against it. Am I wrong?

I know stuff like this largely depends on the tune, but I would think the wear and tear of a supercharger on an engine doing 18000 miles a year wouldn't be reliable.

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