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Back when Destiny launched, I picked up the limited edition for my birthday. All was well all the way through The Dark Below but then life happened and I had to work a lot more. About a month later, I was able to get back to Destiny (about the time the trailer for House of Wolves dropped) but I was met with the weirdest of things. Every time I inserted the disc, nothing would happen. No error messages on my Xbone. Nothing. The little tile at the bottom that would usually change to the picture of the game you want to play would stay exactly as it was and continue telling me to “Insert disc”. I decided to make sure it wasn’t my Xbone messing with me and I inserted a few of my other games, all of which worked first time, every time. So I tried Destiny again. Again, nothing. So I said screw it and I looked to see how much I could get it for as a digital download. $59.99. Absolutely not. No way am I spending another sixty bucks on a game I’ve already dropped a hundred on. So I played other games. Tried to push it out of my mind. Then the 19th of May happened and all my friend were playing Destiny again. I threw the disc in once again to see if it would work. Nope. My wife happened to find a deal where Toys R Us was advertising it for $19,99. We also had a $5 coupon to Toys R Us, 15 bucks? Yea, I can do that. Went to the store and picked up the second to last copy they had. Brought it home, opened it up, inserted disc. “Insert disc”. Still there. Got online with Xbox Customer Support and after a long fought battle of them telling me that it had to be a problem with Destiny’s servers and me trying not to laugh hysterically at there idiocracy, I exchanged the game for Toys R Us’s last copy. Same fricken thing happens again. I got online with Xbox support again and this time I got a competent individual who had me try a few things, none of which worked. And now, I’m here. Asking if anyone here on Reddit has ever had this issue and, if so, how did you fix it?


tl;dr: My launch day destiny disc stopped being recognized by my Xbone and neither will the other two discs that I have tried today (both of which were brand new). All other games and media work though.

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