Gah, the crossoverpocalypse continues

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In case of Kinja, 5759 RAV4 Hybrids sold in the past month, a 34.2% increase over last year, while 5722 Prii (the regular one, not the v, c, or Prime plug-in) sold, a 43.8% decrease from last year.

Note that both vehicles launched for MY2016, too.

It’d be nice if they put Camry Hybrid numbers in here (especially given Toyota’s own predictions of the RAV4 surpassing the Camry in sales for calendar year 2017, even with a new generation of Camry), but I also would say that it’s too soon to get reliable Camry Hybrid numbers for the new generation.


(The v and c tanking is, of course, expected - they’re both coming up on six years old, and both are types of vehicle that have always been awkward relative to US preferences.)

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