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dont you just hate it when you are raring to start a project, you have all of the major parts, but its the tiny stuff that stop you?

parts I have:
2004 GSX-R 1000 Rear shock
2007 GSX-R 1000 front forks w/ brakes, triples, and steering damper
2004 GSx-R 600 front wheel w/ brake rotor

what I need:
ONE spacer for the front axle
8 magnets (might be picking these up today)
ABS ring (need it machined)
2 or 3 brake bolts (striped one taking off a bent rotor, will need to take the other side off too to install ABS ring)
brake lines (on the way)
rotors (on the way)
steering damper mount
HAL sensor
oh, and I need to make mounting brackets for the ABS sneor and speedo sensor

most of these are 1-5$ parts that I just dont have where to pick up from. GAHHHH


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