This will be interesting. I bought my GVR4 for 1500 bucks with no brakes, beat the hell out of it, dumped a bunch of money into it(about 3k), and then sold it for 1200 bucks non running (due to a seized alternator) about 3 years later.


This on is MINT. no cracks in the leather, and it even has the rear sideskirt “dog legs” those always fall off because they are just held on by 4 plastic clips, and no one is reproducing them. My car had both when i bought it, and I lost both with in 6 months.

It is a 92 which for me makes it less desirable because it think the 91 taillights look better, but maybe in just biased because my was a 91. It’s also not stock, which I think for a car like this isn’t a bad thing.

I’m guessing this car will have no problem hitting 10k. if I had it I’d trow out a 7k bid right now. One thing is for sure this car has me feeling real nostalgic.

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