Galant VR4.

So I’m thinking about buying a 1991 Galant Vr4 with 155,00 miles. It’s only 20 miles from my house and the owner is asking 2000 for it. Went an drove it today. I like it, but it needs an overhaul.

Actual car not pictured lol


Know issues. Ranked in order of Importance.

1. Brakes: it has no brakes till about the last inch of pedal travel. It’s missing a boot that goes under the reservoir cap. And the owner claimed “it they just need to be bled. the front rotors also looked very warn.

2. Tires, and Alignment. The front tires were very warn, but only on the outside edge of the contact patch, even showing threads in some spots. The tires did match on all four corners, and the inside edge of the fronts looked about the same as the rears. Also the steering wheel pointed to about 10 o’clock when driving straight. There is also a dent on the right front fender that I think is connected to the problem, tho the owner swears the wheel wasn’t hit when that happened...

3. It has an uneven Idle, which these cars are notorious for. When started cold it idled at 2000rpm which doesn’t seem normal to me, when it warmed up (about 3 minutes) it droppde to 12-1300, but when I started it later after a drive it idled at 700-800rpm, occasionally bounced up to 1200rpm, and sounded very rough It could be anything from a 3 dollar O ring causing a vacuum leak, or a “fried” ECU, at least that’s what I found.


4. It needs new shoulder belts. The owner left his dog in the car and it chewed up the automatic shoulder belts, even eating through the driver’s side which is now held together with black duct tape. This is especially concerning since I could not find replacements on line. I’m also not sure if the DSM car’s auto belts are the same or not.

5. The shifter he a ton of side to side wiggle, but that should be easily fix, as it’s most likely just the bushings between the shifter base, and the car.


6. A/C isn’t cold. Not a big deal to me

7. just typical 24 year old car stuff, faded black plastic on the exterior, small chips and scratches that have begun to rust, power antenna is bent and stuck up. the car is 24 years old a spent a few years sitting so a lot of bushings are dried out, and just need to be replaced, the fog lights don’t work, the leather is dried out, and the driver’s seat has a rip.


That’s everything I can think of. I liked driving the car a lot despite all of that tho, and it’s a 4 door which is unfortunately something I need. Does any one know of a good source for new/reman/used parts for these cars?

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